The Unwritten – 1

As He ambled  along the pool-blue carpeted floor to search for a candle, the extended cold iron of the chair attacked him. He cursed with vivacity as he found himself  kneeled proposing the dining table. This wasn’t new to him, He was prone to tripping even at plain surfaces, but it was still a long way to get used to the bruises that followed. He braced himself, did a quick twirl like a ballet danseuse to wipe off the  hurt & again, tenaciously looked for the candle. At 21, Darkness still scared him, & the outdoorsy drizzle was like a Giantess claws that was thirsty to grab him. He brushed off the shiver, finally at the crimson corner table, like an answered prayer, he found them! Relieved, more because no one was present to witness his anxiety, he lit it! It was like meditation, this process to light the candle took him forever, not because he was afraid of fire too, but just because it was his moment alone! He was brooding about his past, remembering the words of someone he had loved deeply, the love that he gave his all.

“And my only moments of truth are when I am with you. Remember, that night, we first walked down the sandy beach, words disinterested us, and though I had to confess my love to you, I couldn’t because you had already known! It was always like that, You traced my face, my masked emotions in a blink, & that had scared me! For the first time, I, Scarlet Kravitz, feared losing something she loved. I had inhibited the urge to fall for temptations so forcefully, since the day I turned 9. My past was heavily imbibed by Dad’s innocent drinking habits which oft made Mum & Me to look for covers. Theirs was a Love-Marriage, A feeling too repetitive & easy to happen to the young.  Seeing through her eyes that night, when he brutally thrashed the woman, He claimed his Better-half, I vowed, to never be weak enough to indulge in something as petty as Love. & Who were You to drag me into this? I hate you, for you made me limp, I now have the crutches of something so pious, I hate you for being the Man, I had never thought, can exist! “


~ by dizzysanity on February 16, 2012.

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